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About Peeksify

What is

Peeksify® is a wholesale online store, which through its e-commerce technology platform provides consumers anywhere in the world the opportunity to buy products at very attractive prices, always safely and comfortably. The platform is available in 5 languages, allowing us to make sales in over 150 countries.

Peeksify® offers everyday products within the following 4 categories: clothing and accessories, sporting goods, technology and household items.

Since its inception, Peeksify® is formed under the principles of improving the quality of life of consumers, making putting at your disposal all kinds of products used in everyday lower prices life, without the need to leave of their homes or offices.

Our product catalog is constantly updated, always ensuring the best shopping experience for our customers.


How can we offer such low prices?

For many people it sounds incredible that they can get discounts of up to 95% on their purchases. Is this really possible? The answer is yes! Did you know that a product generally passes through at least 7 different hands, manufacturers, producers, exporters, transporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and in some cases resellers, in order to reach the final consumer? These elements within the supply chain greatly increase the price of the products we buy day by day.

One of the main efforts Peeksify® every day, is to improve relations with existing suppliers and new alliances with other suppliers offering quality products. The aim of alliances is to have at our disposal lots of products that were manufactured, but were not sold to other distributors and remained as part of the inventories in the warehouses of our trading partners. In this way we are eliminating most of these elements from the supply chain, managing to offer you very low prices. Our business model is based on generating the highest possible number of sales with the highest percentage of savings possible.


Where are we located?

Please do not send any returned items to the addresses below, returns to these addresses cannot be processed. If you need to return a product, please contact by email at Our team will gladly assist you.

Our main offices are located in Mexico. Our Guangzhou, China office is responsible of the supply chain and operations process. We have representation offices in Switzerland and the United States.

Remember that our Team is available to answer your questions, comments and requests for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We strive every day to make our service your best shopping ally.


Peeksify Warranty

In Peeksify® the most important thing is your safety and peace during and after your purchase, which is why we do our returns process we have made it much easier for you. We strive to provide the best shopping experience, including quick and trouble-free returns. Please contact our team by email to start the process of their return.

Once contact our Customer Service, this will send instructions on the direction to which you will have to send their products if they require an exchange or refund.

We guarantee all our products against defects in materials and quality during the first 30 days after receiving your order. If you find a defect and submit a valid claim to Customer Service within 30 days, we may offer you a replacement, repair service or new components as a replacement.

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